What Makes a Baby’s Hair Dry and What Can Someone Do About It

Surprisingly, babies get dry hair on their head like adults and kids. Babies can attract dandruff and other nasty hair fungus if hair is not treated. I know the baby hair looks nice and soft. You think it won’t look really tangled and jacked in a couple weeks. Every mom, thinks in that context and its ok to be wrong about it. Treat the baby’s hair with the best baby shampoo for dry scalp. Why? Shampoo designed for clearing huge amounts of dandruff on hair works best to keep baby hair clean. Keeping it clean at all times should be what you want for your baby right? If you agree then look below to learn more.

best baby shampoo for dry scalp

Adjust the Time You Wash Your Baby’s Hair

Time is not your friend on certain hours, but you must adjust your shampoo washes to get better results. Do you wash your baby’s hair every day? If you answered no then you should. Baby with little dandruff do not need their hair washed daily. But, babies with a lot of dandruff do. I understand you have a schedule and you don’t feel like doing it. Just do it before you go to sleep. When you brush your teeth before going to bed, make sure you wash your baby’s hair with best baby shampoo for dry scalp. It can be a little pain. But, life does not have little pain that last forever. The baby will grow up one day. Then, you can stop.

Use medicated Shampoo If Dandruff Shampoo is Not Working

Medicated shampoo is not the shampoo you find at the store, but it can help your baby get a full clean when nothing works. You have tried the oils and the shampoo, but your baby still has a head full of dandruff. If nothing is working for you, I suggest you go to a hair doctor and get some medicated dandruff shampoo. Call your doctor and get your baby sorted out. If you are uncomfortable about talking to a doctor in person, try talking to them on phone. Most doctors I met are quite nice. Don’t worry about judgments. They are there to help.

Massage Baby Hair With Olive Oil

Looking for shampoo alternative, try massaging your baby’s hair with olive oil. It sounds silly and a little messy. I know it does. Do not worry about this. The procedure does work and it helps you get rid of stress. When you have a baby, you got a lot to think about. Spending a few hours or minutes massaging can help you forget things too. You must forget things not important and focus on helping your baby get better.

Olive oil might sound unconventional, but getting your baby’s hair to look good is what matters. Most people would not tell you to use olive oil to dandruff because it is time consuming. But maybe your baby has picky hair. Maybe it needs to use olive oil in it to make it clean and dandruff free.