The white lady “Bounce n’ Shuffle” dance is alive and well in Africa

You can hear her interior monologue sing the “Throw ya hands up” line from the Single Ladies song, right? I had drunken dire predictions about her being Executive Assistant of State, and to quote Baby Houseman’s Daddy, when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. I was basically wrong on all my calculations (so far). I think Bill going to North Korea and not her was pretty smart, and I think her being all up in Asia lately is fabulous. She appears to be a pretty good manager and delegator, and those monochromatic pantsuits are charming their way through the entire globe it seems. No gaffes or hogging the limelight. She doesn’t even look tired, either!

I suspect many people—mostly women—whose feelings about Hillary waver from adoration to frustration also have the same experience with their mothers. (And the ones that claim to hate her—mostly men—are actually in love with her but because they know she’s too good for them and is smarter than they are bash her. I’m looking at you, Limbaugh.) It’s not fair to project my our maternal issues on to her, but if you’ve met Schoprah’s mama, you will note that they are two very similar broads in politics, dress, work ethic, body shape, ability to tolerate idiot behavior in a spouse, and hair.

So when I watched this video I cringed and my interior monologue went, “Mooooo-oooom, stop dancing! You’re em-baaarr-assing me. GAWD.”