A Birthday Tribute to Smellen

Happy birthday to f.o.b. and guest blogga SMELLEN!

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May all of your wildest birthday wishes come true today, gal.


Smellen “the felon” is not only brilliant, hilarious and an enormously talented artist, but she is also just a lovely human being, inside and out. Love you like a sister, Smellsy, all year long too, not just on your birfday!

Smells and I have been friends for a long effing time – since preschool! I’ve had the distinct pleasure of celebrating well over 20 birthdays with her over the years as we flattened a path through the woods between our houses while perfecting the slumber party. I gave her chicken pox, she taught me about the wonders of grilled-cheese makers and together we dreamed about one day having boobs (now I laugh, ahahaha).

I remember one slumber party in particular where we used a Ouija board to “communicate” with the deceased cousin of an alleged new kid in school. He “told” us that he died in an unfortunate accident. Virhin was his name! We were so bewildered by the spelling of his name – how unusual it was, how MYSTERIOUS! Was it Turkish? Scandinavian? I have recently begun to suspect that the name was so unusual because…it wasn’t real. NO. Not possible. I swear I wasn’t pushing the arrow but it’s possible that Sarah Longworth was. We may never know! Man, I only wish I was as cool now as we were back then.

Using Ouija Board — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

I hope this birthday is even more fun than that one was and wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Treat yourself to a cupcake with sprinkles!