What Is the Easiest Way of Getting Rid of Body Odor for Men?

What’s the first thing that you notice in a person? Well, according to a fun survey, more than millions of people notice to see the body odour. Wearing a pleasant odour is a convenient thing for one to leave an impactful impression over others.

However, due to different reasons, some men have a really strong odour that isn’t easy to deal along with. It is good for one to understood importance of different aspects behind a bad odour and smelling pleasant. If you are hassling with the same issue, then here is an optimal guide for you that can assist you in correcting your body odour effortlessly and leaving a positive impression on everyone. For knowing better details, continue reading the article until the end.

How Do Men Get Rid of Body Odor?

How to get done with the odour?

Use glycerin body washes

When wanting to deal with bad body odour then bathing is the primary step that you need to keep a check on. Bathing is what we start our day with so you should consider using glycerin body washes that is helpful in making you feel fresh. Glycerin is an active element that can assist one to deal with bad body odour. Additionally, glycerin is also helpful in making your skin smooth and healthier.

Natural deodorant is must

Until unless you don’t have a strong odour, you shouldn’t be using strong scents or deodorant. Using strong deodorant can also lead to bad body odour due to the addition of alcohol in strong deodorants. It is convenient for one to go the use of best natural deodorant for men that is helpful in dealing with bad body odour. Getting an appropriate natural deodorant is helpful in making you smell pleasant all day long.

How Do Men Get Rid of Body Odor?

Get rid of armpit hairs

Having a bad body odour can also be a result of armpit hairs. Bacteria gets accumulated into these armpit hairs, so it is better to shave them. Also, masculinity is no more measured with hairs, and people are more considerate about maintaining hygiene.

Hydrate more

Hydrating your body well is the optimal way of correcting different skin issues. Bad odour can be a result of dehydration. One should maintain the level of water into their body for having pleasant odour. You should drink gallons of water to complete the deficiency of water into your body.

Wear clean clothes

Well, it might seem weird, but that’s how it is. Wearing clean clothes is the primary thing for smelling good. You shouldn’t be repeating your clothes once you have worn them but consider for the quick wash of your clothes into bleach-free detergents.

Use dry salt overnight

If you get excessive perspiration, then it would be optimal for you to use a pinch of dry salt overnight under your armpits. It is a convenient practice to practice for correcting the issue of sweaty rings.

Fix your diet

Another thing that you need to look is for your diet. Sometimes even after different things, you fail to fix your bad body odour. This situation can be a result of incorrect diet, so you need to keep a check into it. It is much convenient for you to shift to organic food, especially green veggies and avoid junk and processed foods.

Change is necessary

Change is necessary for you that doesn’t mean you need to change but consider to change the deodorants often. Believe it or not but sticking to a particular colon or deodorant will result in bad body odour, so it is good for you to keep changing your body deodorant for smelling pleasant.

Following up above mentioned ways are convenient in dealing with sweating and bad odour. Nevertheless, if you still have to suffer along with the same issues, then it would be a better option for you to see a dermatologist.

Best deodorants for feeling fresh all day long!

Well, you have taken a deep insight into the aspects regarding bad body odour and got to know plenty of suggestions for correcting it optimally. So let us have a glance at the best natural deodorant for men for feeling fresh all day long.

  • Botanic fresh evergreen natural deodorant: the first one in the listing we have vegan and cruelty-free formula created natural deodorant botanic fresh evergreen natural deodorant for men it is infused with the formula of essential oils and packed with fresh evergreen scent. Additionally, it is helpful in providing optimal care from the bacteria with its antibacterial properties present within it.
  • Mountaineer brand men’s natural deodorant: just like the savage and fresh look of the scent, it is a fresh and unique scent good to go for everyone. Unlike other deodorants that aren’t really good to go with sensitive skin, it is one for you. This scent is presented with different ingredients that make it smell light, clean scent and free of toxins. It assists in keeping your armpits dry and fresh all day long.
  • Myro refillable deodorant for men: when counting for the best natural deodorant for men then one cannot omit myro refillable deodorant for men. It is one of the top recommended by several dermatologists due to effective traits of it. Additionally, it is a convenient product that is environmentally friendly as it is a refillable deodorant, and the container is recyclable. The product is free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, aluminium or phthalates and good to go for those looking for a natural deodorant.

Hence, these are some of the optimal natural deodorants that are good to go for men and helpful for correcting your bad body odour.

The bottom line

From the details stated above, we can easily conclude to the bottom line that hygiene is a daily process you cannot make it right in one day. You must practice to follow up the optimal hygiene routine for smelling good every day. Additionally, consider wearing the best natural deodorant for men to stay fresh all day long. Using natural antiperspirant is a convenient way of dealing with hyperhidrosis effortlessly. We hope you find details stated above useful for correcting the odour problem and smelling right.

Bottle Feeding Tips for Dads

At present, many dads are involved in baby care and even many fathers are doing plenty of things to share parenting with mothers. Also, breastfeeding moms are creating it possible for dads to bottle feed the baby that might be out of requirement might be to enhance their own bond with dad and also might to motivate a father-child relationship.

Bottle Feeding Tips for Dads

Tips to support dad with bottle feeding baby

When it comes to feeding your infant, the breastfeeding moms require a small break from being only means to feed. If you and your partner are up for it, there is no specific reason that you cannot offer your breastfed baby the bottle from time to time. Below are some useful tips to make the most out of your feeding time with the baby that includes:

Bottle feeding breastfed babies

If mom’s plan to breastfeed, you will need a little bit of time to begin using the best bottle for breastfeeding babies and then feeding the babies well. One essential tip to remember is that the mom’s milk flow is normally slower than any normal bottle nipple flow. Now, these bottle nipples come in various flow levels from very slow flow to quick flow.

Preparing a bottle of Breast milk

The frozen breast milk can be thawed overnight in a fridge or just placing in a bag beneath the warm running water. If you wish to thaw breast milk quicker, gradual warming is a key. Before pouring milk in a bottle, you can ensure that it is clean by offering it a fast wash. Also, you can ensure to have a comfortable spot, where you are happy to sit for a while.

Bottle Feeding Tips for Dads

The Formula preparation of breastfeeding your baby

One of the greatest things for dad who wish to bottle feed their infant is a wonderful opportunity for bonding time. This is actually your pleasant time with your small one and also the time to get to know each other. While feeding, the dad will get to know the best bottle for breastfeeding babies as well as your baby’s faces and cries, which supporting you to become more clued into their requirements and motivating you as a parent. Whether you will be using formula extensively, there are some tips to make most out of every bottle that includes:

  • Wash the bottle, parts and your hands thoroughly before mixing
  • Follow a formula maker instruction for combining guidelines, but ensure to measure precisely; because more powder can cause upset stomach for baby
  • Blend thoroughly and make sure that there are no clumps that can obtain stuck in a nipple.
  • If you see any discomfort during feeding a baby, you just stop feeding immediately and then hold your baby upright as well as pat babies back mildly to support release with the wind.
  • While feeding, you should focus on their body language and expression and ensure that your baby requires a break. Then, you possibly provide the remaining milk.

The dad’s guide to bottle feeding

Usually, dads can feed their infant on a bottle simply like mums. Of course, it is truly a different experience and also an unparalleled method for dad to bond with baby. It can also be a regal pain in the arse, particularly in the late night hours. Below are useful dad’s guides to bottle feeding that includes:

Finding a damn bottle 

Purchasing the best bottle for breastfeeding babies is a most essential thing as like shopping for any other things you want. The bottles from supermarkets can cost as small as $10. This is a wonderful thing, if baby takes to them.

Getting a temp right

No other babies like cold milk. Even in summer time, the room temperature is healthier than icy. Anyhow, you have so many choices. If the milk is too hot, the baby will attempt to drink it and also likely come off after each sip.

Does bottle feeding actually promote bonding with dad?

Actually, it is a common thing in these days, while breastfeeding in the prenatal for mums. So, it is much important to choose the best bottle for breastfeeding babies that greatly support a dad bond with their baby. The bottle feeding can be a most exciting as well as beautiful time. It can also be overwhelming, when you attempt to obtain everything off to a great begin. The partners can also bond via as meaningful activities with the baby, so bottle feeding is a wonderful way to bond.

It is also much essential you appreciate the process in which your partner is going via to obtain that precious milk get ready for your child. The best part for dads who wish to bottle feed their baby is a wise chance for bonding time. For dad, this is your good time with your small one and also time to get to know each other. The undistracted feedings cannot occur every time, but creating space for you two to sit composed is actually valuable and also goes a lengthy way to freeze your relationship. Based on your baby’s age and individual preferences, you can select and use the right bottle for your infant and also make them feel comfort while feeding.

Feeling the flow

Flow is a challenging thing. The different teats have different flows and you will clearly begin with a lesser flow, while your baby is a newborn and also know when to move up to the quicker one is very delicate as well as muddled.


More possibly, the most essential tip for breastfeeding your baby is to simply perform it. Bottle feeding your infant also gives huge benefits. The great thing about bottle feeding your baby is that you have a chance for uninterrupted one-on-one time with your loved one. So, you just take this time to fall deeply in fond with that small kid. When it comes to bottle feeding by dad, it is much essential to choose the best bottle for breastfeeding babies and feeding your baby interruptedly.

What Makes a Baby’s Hair Dry and What Can Someone Do About It

Surprisingly, babies get dry hair on their head like adults and kids. Babies can attract dandruff and other nasty hair fungus if hair is not treated. I know the baby hair looks nice and soft. You think it won’t look really tangled and jacked in a couple weeks. Every mom, thinks in that context and its ok to be wrong about it. Treat the baby’s hair with the best baby shampoo for dry scalp. Why? Shampoo designed for clearing huge amounts of dandruff on hair works best to keep baby hair clean. Keeping it clean at all times should be what you want for your baby right? If you agree then look below to learn more.

best baby shampoo for dry scalp

Adjust the Time You Wash Your Baby’s Hair

Time is not your friend on certain hours, but you must adjust your shampoo washes to get better results. Do you wash your baby’s hair every day? If you answered no then you should. Baby with little dandruff do not need their hair washed daily. But, babies with a lot of dandruff do. I understand you have a schedule and you don’t feel like doing it. Just do it before you go to sleep. When you brush your teeth before going to bed, make sure you wash your baby’s hair with best baby shampoo for dry scalp. It can be a little pain. But, life does not have little pain that last forever. The baby will grow up one day. Then, you can stop.

Use medicated Shampoo If Dandruff Shampoo is Not Working

Medicated shampoo is not the shampoo you find at the store, but it can help your baby get a full clean when nothing works. You have tried the oils and the shampoo, but your baby still has a head full of dandruff. If nothing is working for you, I suggest you go to a hair doctor and get some medicated dandruff shampoo. Call your doctor and get your baby sorted out. If you are uncomfortable about talking to a doctor in person, try talking to them on phone. Most doctors I met are quite nice. Don’t worry about judgments. They are there to help.

Massage Baby Hair With Olive Oil

Looking for shampoo alternative, try massaging your baby’s hair with olive oil. It sounds silly and a little messy. I know it does. Do not worry about this. The procedure does work and it helps you get rid of stress. When you have a baby, you got a lot to think about. Spending a few hours or minutes massaging can help you forget things too. You must forget things not important and focus on helping your baby get better.

Olive oil might sound unconventional, but getting your baby’s hair to look good is what matters. Most people would not tell you to use olive oil to dandruff because it is time consuming. But maybe your baby has picky hair. Maybe it needs to use olive oil in it to make it clean and dandruff free.

Don’t Worry About Losing Hair Because You Can Reverse It

After I gave birth to my daughter, my hair started to come up shorter then expected. I felt my depression start to kick in. I tried to act like it wasn’t there. But, I knew it was there in back of my mind. My hair started to fall out too for some reason. I wanted to reverse the whole thing early on but I didn’t know what to do. One day, I met a friend from college and he told me about this vitamin to take. I was a little skeptical about it. The vitamin seemed to make me feel a whole lot better. My hair slowly grew back. I can’t recommend this vitamin to everybody, even though it worked for me. So, I want you to check it out the vitamin I recommend for pregnancy hair loss.

Take Some Prenatal Multivitamin

Prenatal are the best vitamins for postpartum hair loss in my opinion. You might of took one during pregnancy to help your baby develop. Take one now to help your hair recover slowly. The pill provides your body with different vitamins and minerals to make your body become its full healthy self. Take about 2 to 3 pills each day. It would be wise to call a doctor before taking any prenatal multivitamin, because they come in different types and taking the wrong one can be very fatal. Be careful about your pick. Put the best vitamins for postpartum hair loss in your mouth for the fastest results.

Put Some Biotin Vitamin In Your Mouth

Biotin, a supplement that fuels hair growth. Your hair will be encouraged to grow back faster if you take this. The hair will be thicker and stronger in addition. Vitamin B complex stored inside biotin to provide you with minerals from certain foods that promote hair growth. In time, you will get your hair back.

Eat Bananas to Boost Hair Growth

Hair can grow by itself if you eat specific foods daily. Bananas are something you can eat daily to grow out hair. They are yellow and go with every meal. Bananas have a rich source of potassium that stimulates dormant hair follicles. More and more hair follicles will grow on your head. It won’t happen too soon. Though, you will notice the effect in 3 to 6 weeks. Bananas are very cheap to buy for the week, so you shouldn’t having a problem eating bananas every day.

If you get sick of eating bananas while trying to grow hair back, then put bananas in other foods. You can put the banana in other foods to make it more pleasurable. Put them in your ice cream. You can mix them with your drinks to make sure you inject banana somewhere in your diet. Find a way to mix banana with food or drink and you will be able to deal with the banana torture. Remember, you can stop eating bananas when your desired hair amount grows back. No need to get frustrated.

A Birthday Tribute to Smellen

Happy birthday to f.o.b. and guest blogga SMELLEN!

Dog Birthday Corbis ValuPak 11554691

May all of your wildest birthday wishes come true today, gal.


Smellen “the felon” is not only brilliant, hilarious and an enormously talented artist, but she is also just a lovely human being, inside and out. Love you like a sister, Smellsy, all year long too, not just on your birfday!

Smells and I have been friends for a long effing time – since preschool! I’ve had the distinct pleasure of celebrating well over 20 birthdays with her over the years as we flattened a path through the woods between our houses while perfecting the slumber party. I gave her chicken pox, she taught me about the wonders of grilled-cheese makers and together we dreamed about one day having boobs (now I laugh, ahahaha).

I remember one slumber party in particular where we used a Ouija board to “communicate” with the deceased cousin of an alleged new kid in school. He “told” us that he died in an unfortunate accident. Virhin was his name! We were so bewildered by the spelling of his name – how unusual it was, how MYSTERIOUS! Was it Turkish? Scandinavian? I have recently begun to suspect that the name was so unusual because…it wasn’t real. NO. Not possible. I swear I wasn’t pushing the arrow but it’s possible that Sarah Longworth was. We may never know! Man, I only wish I was as cool now as we were back then.

Using Ouija Board — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

I hope this birthday is even more fun than that one was and wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Treat yourself to a cupcake with sprinkles!


From a fake Boricua to a real one: Felicidades!

In addition to being a wannabe Yid, I’m also a wannabe Puertoriquena. (In high school, I tried to convince a guy I was one-quarter Puerto Rican—my father’s mother—because I thought it would endear me to him. It failed.) So you can imagine my thrill when Sonia Sotomayor was officially confirmed as the first Boricua and the third mujer to the highest court in the land. There is lots of hometown pride here in New York, where there is a large Boricua population. Not to mention there’s the famous Puerto Rican Day parade every summer in my neighborhood where I always manage to get a free pork sandwich and a marriage proposal. (Also free.)

All this talk of the law and milestones and pioneers got Longtime and I discussing via G-Chat a serious issue Sonia Sotomayor will face: how is she going to accesorize her robe? Luckily, we figured it out. Here are Longtime and my thoughts on how you tackle that scary black sack:

1. It’s actually a very practical frock. You can hide snacks underneath it during long court sessions. Put some Jujyfruits and a Red Bull in there and call it a day.

2. Another plus: it hides stains well. Think of the money you’ll save on dry cleaning.

3. Longtime says she would go commando underneath. She likes that kind of thing. It’s like not wearing underwear in church, I suppose. I prefer undies, but if it’s hot out, I guess the robe will work in your favor here—just avoid subway grates.

4. I, on the other hand, would use the robe to hide squirt guns to shoot Clarence Thomas in the eye. Just a thought.

5. You can also fit a Kindle in there. Catch up on your Norah Roberts while some lawyer rambles on and on about mens rea.

6. Longtime pointed out that the robe is essentially judicial fat pants. No more worries about what to wear on your heavy days!

7. No one will be checking out your rack in that thing. Except Scalia. He’s a creep.

8. No one will mistake you for being in the KKK.

9. You don’t have to worry about charging bulls.

10. It’s the perfect platform to display scarves. It’s time to bring back the 80’s Career Woman Scarf! Here’s an instructional video to show you how to tie the perfect French Knot

The white lady “Bounce n’ Shuffle” dance is alive and well in Africa

You can hear her interior monologue sing the “Throw ya hands up” line from the Single Ladies song, right? I had drunken dire predictions about her being Executive Assistant of State, and to quote Baby Houseman’s Daddy, when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. I was basically wrong on all my calculations (so far). I think Bill going to North Korea and not her was pretty smart, and I think her being all up in Asia lately is fabulous. She appears to be a pretty good manager and delegator, and those monochromatic pantsuits are charming their way through the entire globe it seems. No gaffes or hogging the limelight. She doesn’t even look tired, either!

I suspect many people—mostly women—whose feelings about Hillary waver from adoration to frustration also have the same experience with their mothers. (And the ones that claim to hate her—mostly men—are actually in love with her but because they know she’s too good for them and is smarter than they are bash her. I’m looking at you, Limbaugh.) It’s not fair to project my our maternal issues on to her, but if you’ve met Schoprah’s mama, you will note that they are two very similar broads in politics, dress, work ethic, body shape, ability to tolerate idiot behavior in a spouse, and hair.

So when I watched this video I cringed and my interior monologue went, “Mooooo-oooom, stop dancing! You’re em-baaarr-assing me. GAWD.”

And the winner of the “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Blergiest One of All” Contest Is…

Here is her winning prose:

My life has become even blergier since your last contest! Still unable to shake my unemployment, I decided to enroll in a training program in a medical technician field, though some friends and relatives thought I was overqualified for the career due to my collection of degrees. Lo and behold, I was rejected from said training program! So I’ve returned to the job search, where I continue to be rejected by all potential employers who cross my path. My unemployment benefits are running out, so my bank account balance is decreasing with a speed roughly equal to that with which my ass is expanding (Cheetos are my solace). Furthermore, the fellow whom I thought was my boyfriend recently introduced me at a party as his “friend”. Misfires on all cylinders!

Schmemily won a $10 Chipotle gift card. (Schmemily, you let me know that it arrived, yes?)